Zebra Printers in Stock
By Jojhn Nolan
May 18, 2021

Due to the phenomenal success of our web site, we’re keeping a larger range of Zebra printers in stock. Our most popular printers held in stock are:

  • Zebra GX420t thermal transfer printer
  • Zebra GK420t thermal transfer printer
  • Zebra GK420d direct thermal printer

Please call us at (02) 9624 1999 to place your order!

In addition to printing high quality barcode labels, Stratix also produces clothing swing tags for all of the major retailers. We have a variety of standard labels to choose from and many orders can be printed with 24-48 hours. We also accept orders from a database or spreadsheet to ensure seamless processing of your order.

Please contact our Sale Team at 02 9624 1999 if you’d like to place an order or have any questions.

Stratix is pleased to announce our latest thermal transfer printer offering, the Honeywell PC42t. Its small footprint & extremely competitive price makes it the ideal desktop printer for almost any application. It comes fully featured with USB, Serial & Ethernet connectivity and is one of the few printers on the market that also accepts a full 300M thermal transfer ribbon.

Whether it’s operated in thermal transfer or direct thermal mode, the Honeywell PC42t is bound to make waves in the Australian printer marketplace.

For additional information, a quotation, or to place an order, call our sales team at 02 9624 1999.

We are very pleased to announce the grand opening of our new sister company, Pine Vista Enterprises, Inc., in the United States. Pine Vista Enterprises is dedicated exclusively to the sales, support, & service of Axicon Barcode Verifiers. Their e-commerce site can be found at:

Please do not hesitate to visit their site or contact them in if you require assistance in America!

Don’t forget to contact Stratix for your Asset Label needs! We feature two primary sizes: 64mm x 24mm and 40mm x 15mm. An over-laminate is also available.

Please contact our friendly staff for a prompt quotation!


The Toshiba B-EX6T will arrive on our shores at any time. This EXTREMELY competitively priced 160mm wide printer features Toshiba’s famous near-edge print technology. At print speeds up to 305mm/sec and a print resolution of up to 305dpi, it’s definitely worth a look!

Contact Craig Warren at 02 9624 1999 for a quotation or additional information!

Stratix (Australia) Pty Ltd is very proud to announce the introduction of the Axicon VCAS (Verifier Conformance Alignment Service) calibration service. Previously only offered in the UK or the United States, Stratix is now authorized to perform the VCAS service. VCAS calibrates your Axicon linear verifier to factory specifications with respect to the age of your unit.

The VCAS service is the perfect way to ensure your Axicon Barcode Verifier maintains & ensures the accuracy of your investment, especially in older units.

Please do not hesitate to contact either Craig or Siarn at 02 9464 1999 to book your service!

Stratix (Australia Pty Ltd is very pleased to announce the arrival of the Axicon 15500. With a scanning window of 95mm x 70mm, it has the largest field of view of any 2D barcode verifier on the market. Also, it runs exclusively on USB power which enhances its portability.

It verifies all standard linear barcodes as well as QR codes, Datamatrix, GS1 Databar, and Databar 2D symbologies.

Please do not hesitate to contact Craig Warren, at 02 9624 1999, for further information!

With the introduction of ZT600 Series & ZT510, the Xi4 Series (excluding the 220Xi4) and the 105SLPlus will reach their End-of-Life with a Last Buy/Order date as follows:

110Xi4, R110Xi4, 140Xi4 & 170Xi4  :  31/7/18

105SLPlus :                                       31/7/18

As some of these printers can be quite rare in Australia, anyone considering a new purchase should strongly contemplate either a ZT600 or ZT510.

For more information, please call Craig Warren at 02 9624 1999.

Toshiba has announced the End-of-Life for its legendary B-SX5T Thermal Printer. Stratix will continue to service & support the B-SX5T for as long as parts are available.

The B-EX6T Thermal Printer provides an excellent replacement or upgrade to the B-SX5T.

Please call Craig Warren at 02 9624 1999 for more information.



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