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Get Quality Printing Solutions with a Thermal Label Printer

In the packaging industry, it is vital to have precise labelling equipment for reliable code verification and package organisation. Stratix provides high performance printing solutions, including label printers that ensure printed barcodes comply with all international barcode standards. Each thermal label printer possesses distinct and advanced features, such as better connectivity with most business and manufacturing applications, network connectivity, impressive print resolutions and more. All of our printers produce high quality labels you and your business can rely on.

Here at Stratix, we provide only the most trusted names when it comes to a thermal label printer. We have a wide array of Toshiba TEC, TSC and Zebra printers. These have varying capacities to suit every package printing need for each business.

Take a closer look at each of these products to find the ideal match for your business’ needs.

Zebra Printers Stand Out in Performance and Price

You can choose from the metal enclosed Zebra printers or the more affordable ones with the polymer case. Regardless of what model of Zebra printers you buy, you’re guaranteed to have a high performance thermal printer that can produce premium labels either through direct thermal or thermal transfer. Zebra printers connect well with manufacturing and business applications. You have the option between connecting it wirelessly and connecting through a parallel port, USB port or an Ethernet port. It can print to a maximum of 216mm in width.

Toshiba Printers Producing High Resolution Labels

The Toshiba TEC thermal label printer is highly known as one of the leaders when it comes to near edge head technology in thermal printing. This means their printers offer high quality labels and fast printing speeds. Experts also suggest that near edge printers provide longer print head life compared to other types. The Toshiba TEC thermal label printer offers print widths up to 213mm and a high print resolution of 305dpi. It can be connected through USB, parallel ports and LAN.

TSC Label Printers for Extremely Fine Printing

With a high resolution of up to 600dpi, the TSC thermal label printer is ideal for extremely fine printing usually used in the electronics industry as well as in jewellery labelling. It can connect to a network using a USB, parallel ports and an Ethernet port. It also has an option to connect wirelessly. It can produce labels using either direct thermal printing or thermal transfer.

Toshiba, TSC, Honeywell and Zebra Printers for Your Thermal Label Printer Needs

Here at Stratix, we aim to provide only the best products to our clients. These three names in thermal printing are among the most trusted. With these products you are guaranteed to have quality printing solution for your business’ needs.

Pick the right thermal printer suitable for your business. Contact us today to learn more about Toshiba, TSC, Honeywell and Zebra printers. Also learn about our other products like the barcode softwarebarcode verifier, and barcode scanner.

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