About Us

Since 1992, Stratix (Australia) Pty Ltd has served as the packaging industry’s leading resource for the understanding, implementation, & use of the GS1 Australia global barcode standards. Based in Sydney, the company provides a full range of products to serve customers needing to print, scan, verify, or create barcode images across Australia & New Zealand.

The company’s initial focus was on barcode creation for the packaging, printing, & publishing sectors. As the company grew, Stratix also evolved into a leading supplier of printed barcode labels. With its history in barcode creation & standards, Stratix was soon recognised, not just as a printer of labels, but as leading supplier of accurate, high quality barcode labels. With an emphasis on service & the meeting the most demanding needs of its clients, our products and service are second to none.

Along with barcode creation & labels, Stratix supplies packaging printers throughout Australia & New Zealand with the most advanced Axicon Bar Code Verifers on the market. Verifiers are quality control instruments that allow packaging printers to check & ensure their printed barcodes meet all of the international guidelines prescribed by GS1 Australia.

From barcode creation, to barcode printing, to barcode quality assurance, Stratix is pleased to be your resource for the understanding & implementation of the GS1 system.



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