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VCAS Service

Stratix (Australia) Pty Ltd is very proud to announce the introduction of the Axicon VCAS (Verifier Conformance Alignment Service) Calibration service. Previously only offered in the UK or the United States, Stratix is now authorized to perform the VCAS service.

Axicon’s barcode verifiers are high-precision, optical devices, and they need to be serviced every year to ensure they provide accurate and consistent results. Our verifier conformance  and alignment service (VCAS) means they will be fully checked, cleaned, adjusted, reset, and issued with a new ISO/IEC conformance certificate. We also supply you with a new calibration card, traceable to NIST standards.

Although they are robust devices and designed to be used on the shop floor, verifiers need this VCAS every year to make sure they still conform to ISO/IEC 15426-1 or 15426-2, and give you the accurate and consistent results that you require.

After you receive your verifier back from us, you must still carry out the user calibration before using it again.  This makes sure that the verifier’s reflectance values match the reference standard values on the new calibration card.

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